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Luka Modric thinks that bad luck was behind Real Madrid’s failure to win a single major trophy in the year 2013.

Short Answer: No it was not.

Long Answer: Read on….

Real Madrid lost to Borussia Dortmund in the semi finals of the Champions 4-3. Everybody and I mean everybody in my camp thought that Real Madrid was going to romp through them both away and home.

In any case, Real Madrid could not do the job away from home but came out firing in the home game with quick goals and high intensity game which Dortmund was not expecting.

Answering Luka Modric’s statement. No. Real Madrid did not lose out on big trophies last season because of luck. I mean, in some way maybe but not really. It was because of Ozil’s poor finishing skills that Real Madrid could not finish off Dortmund in the Champions League.

Real Madrid just were never consistent enough in the league and The Copa Del Ray game was a disaster. An absolute disaster because everybody knew that Mourinho was leaving on bad terms. The atmosphere in the dressing room was all over the place. Some senior players, including his countrymen Ronaldo, revolted against him.

No one looked like someone who wanted to win that final.

That is why Real Madrid won nothing last season. No because of bad luck but because of lack of discipline.

Some people would probably say that there are always reasons for anything that happens. I agree. But in Real Madrid’s case it was not the coach nor the money nor the players. It was the most fundamental thing in life. Discipline and Obedience.