Photo By Clarke


Ancelotti replaced Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid to kick off season 2013-2014. First thing he did was he sold Kaka,Higuain and Ozil. Kaka and Higuain had to leave as they themselves wanted to go and Ancelotti, unlike Mourinho, could not find out a way to keep them all happy at the same time (happy here means first team action. Not money, fame, peace or anything everybody else want in normal life).

With Ozil, the problem was a bit different. As good a player as Ozil was it was unthinkable, at least for some Real Madrid players, to even think about Ozil being let off at Real Madrid. The choice was between Angel Di Maria and Ozil, Ancelotti would tell you.

I think that is exactly the problem with Ancelotti. Why can’t (or why he couldn’t) he come up with a system where he can accommodate everybody. I say CAN because he still has not managed to provide sufficient playing time to deserving players If the marriage between Ancelotti and Real Madrid is considered to be a match made in heaven, as some experts have indicated, then why couldn’t he think something up which did not involve the departure of 3 big name players.

For me, Ancelotti should have sold Benzema if he knew that Bale was coming to Real Madrid. Ozil was the wrong choice (but if hr wanted to leave himself regardless of his team role, as some reports have suggested, then screw him)as the first half of the current season has proved. Ozil has made his mark at Arsenal and Benzema has continued to show that he is just not the player everybody expects him to become or increasingly now, expected him to become.

Bale or Ronaldo could have easily played the center forward role or even a striker role. With Di Maria and Ozil behind them in support, I think Real Madrid could have been even more potent in front of goal.

Anyway, that is still hypothetical and Real Madrid have been firing on all cylinders on the offensive front this season even without Ozil. Some would say that the real problem lies in defense. What is going on there. Under Mourinho or even Schuster, the defense was much more organized and was able to withstand crosses and corners of all things. We are talking about Real Madrid here, if Ancelotti can’t find a solution to such a simple play then it is going to impossible to win anything this season.

That bad defense is exactly the question. The amount of shuffling Ancelotti has done at the back this season is taking its toll. The defenders are not comfortable with each other and there is an obvious lack of training as well. Most of the goals saw Real Madrid defenders either behind the striker or a mile away from the attacker whenever crosses were put in.

This scenario does not make me sick either. I want Ancelotti gone for good.