I don’t know, but for me, Bale has been able to impress me more than Neymar. And that’s not just because he is at Real Madrid (or may be it could be just the reason) but because Bale has been able to prove, in more moments than one, why Real Madrid paid the big bucks for him more than Neymar has been able to show why Barcelona paid 50 million for him.

Obviously, Neymar cost Barcelona a lot less than what Bale cost Real Madrid and Neymar is also 3 years Bale’s junior but this is not tennis we are talking about. Age does not really matter when you look at things from a broader perspective. So what if Bale is 24, when he gets to 33 or 35 Real Madrid can just sell him off and buy another gem aged 24.

More importantly, Neymar’s 13 odd goals for Barcelona have been scored, mostly, in meaningless matches. The only goal he has scored for Barcelona which somewhat shows why Barcelona paid a heavy fee for him was against Celtic in a meaningless Champions League match, at home and with a big lead.

In contrast, Bale has carried this Real Madrid side in more matches than one. Has scored goals in matches that were important. Like his free kick goal against Galatasaray when Real Madrid were down to 10 men with no Ronaldo. His goal against Juventus away from home when Real Madrid were drawing the match was also spectacular and that too against the best goalkeeper in the world, Buffon.

It is even more impressive when you consider the fact that Bale has been carrying an injury ever since he came to Real Madrid and has not been match fit for a single match this season because he missed the whole of pre season.