(photo by Ruardis)

(photo by Ruardis)


Correction: In the previous post it was mistakenly mentioned that Real Madrid were 6 points behind league leaders Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. In fact, Real Madrid is 5 points behind Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. If Real Madrid end up level on points with both the teams come the end of the season, Real Madrid would still lose the league. So effectively Real Madrid are 6 points behind both Barcelona and Atletico Madrid instead of 7 points (which was mentioned, incorrectly, in the previous post).

With that out of the way, I actually wanted to write a post for Liverpool people who wanted to sign a contract extension with Suarez. Reports in the media indicated to the fact that Liverpool were trying desperately hard to sign the prolific Suarez. The post was meant to be titled “Liverpool, back off Suarez”. I thought Real Madrid were really lining up a January swap between Benzema and Suarez.

Anyhow, as you can see, I did not write that post as Liverpool have sign a “long term contract extension” with Suarez. Hard to believe that just months ago every Liverpool fan wanted him out of the club. He was despised by the media and by the players.

Now, its almost out of question that Real Madrid would be able to sign him in the near future. Real Madrid would also NOT be able to sign Iniesta. That’s right. No Iniesta for Real Madrid. It would not even have crossed my mind but apparently many media outlets believe that Perez wanted to sign Iniesta for Real Madrid and has been trying to lure him away from Barcelona since 2009. Iniesta’s contract was about to expire and Perez thought that maybe Iniesta was giving other teams some sort of a sign to come and get him. That story is over now as Iniesta has signed with Barcelona for the rest of his playing days.

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It also seems like Real Madrid is stuck with Benzema for the moment. Unless Benzema improves his attitude and fitness levels on the pitch by at least 1 level then I don’t think he would be wearing a white shirt come next season.

I am really disappointed by Suarez. I definitely thought that he would have been holding a grudge against Liverpool for what happened to him a few months ago. I thought he would have known that the sole reason Liverpool people are going crazy over him is because he has scored something like 27 goals in 25 games this season and that actually those people are hypocrites.

But seems like he has forgotten everything about it and genuinely wants to play for Liverpool and perhaps that is why he has scored so many goals this season. And he has not just scored tap in goals like Ronaldo or easy team goals like Messi’s. Suarez has actually scored a lot of individual goals and that is a really really hard thing to do in the EPL. La Liga is no where near as hard as EPL when it comes to scoring goals.