(Photo By Jan Solo)

Sergio Ramos the Red Defender.(Photo By Jan Solo)


Real Madrid are 6 points behind Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in the title race. Worse, Real Madrid have a losing head to head against both Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Even worse is the fact that both Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have a better goal difference in the league.

The only thing common between the 3 top teams is that they all have, at one point or another, a world class player performing for them. Barcelona have recently benefited from the performances of Neymar in the absence of Messi. Diego Costa seems to be scoring in every game and Real Madrid have got Ronaldo who is carrying the whole team.

However, the title is race is going to be difficult especially this season because:

  1. Real Madrid do not look comfortable in most away games.

  2. Atletico Madrid and Barcelona look years ahead of Real Madrid if performances are considered for an extended period. Game by game, may be, Real Madrid have had the best performance of the season.

  3. Champions League is what Perez wants and hence most of the focus of Real Madrid is on that one trophy. There to the likes of Arsenal, Bayern and Chelsea along with Barcelona could prove to be too much for Real Madrid.

  4. Real Madrid’s defense is nothing like it was under Mourinho. Real Madrid had scored the most number of goals before the last game in the league but still did not have the goal difference as good as of Altetico Madrid or Barcelona. The defense of Real Madrid looks vulnerable on crosses and set pieces and that is always fatal in Champions League later stages.

  5. Fifth reason is one man. Sergio Ramos. His general level of play is barely acceptable. His crosses are not as good as they used to be. He gets red carded a lot. He might be the most red carded player in the history of Real Madrid and in the history of La Liga. Just did a Google on that and guess what. Ramos is officially the most red carded player in the history of Real Madrid. He achieved that feat about 2 years ago by the way. But he is ninth in the overall most red carded player in the history of La Liga. The way he is going, I get the feeling that he desperately wants to get his name on the number 1 spot on that list.

What do you guys think? Is it because of Ramos that Real Madrid found themselves 6 (of effectively 7 points) behind league leaders Barcelona and Atletico Madrid?