Angel Di Maria’s agent has finally spoken out and has said that there are several clubs interested in his client.

Who is to blame for this statement from Di Maria’s agent?

I think it’s two or three people. Di Maria is one of the finest wingers in the world and it should not surprise anyone if Manchester United or Bayern Munich come for him either in January or in February.

Ancelotti subbed him in a meaningless Copa Del Ray match and Di Maria did not like the fact that he was told to get off the pitch on the hour mark whereas less efficient players such as Benzema, Morata or even Jesse were playing on the field.

Fair enough. But, Di Maria should be mature enough to know that Ancelotti could have subbed him for a reason apart from something related to his performance on that night or the fact that he just does not like him.

Some said Ancelotti did not want Di Maria to get injured on the artificial turf that was present in the home ground of Xativa and there could be some truth to it.

There are also reports of Perez being unsatisfied with the winger and hence is not on good terms with Di Maria.

Apart from that, the fact that a player of his quality is having to spend so much time on the bench is just beyond me. Real Madrid staff should be careful about which players to buy and which to keep.

In the interest of football, I think Real Madrid (and perhaps Barcelona as well) should start to sell the players it does not need and who are good. Other teams would manage better with them and ultimately we will all get to see more good players in more than 2 or 3 good teams. That is why I was not particularly saddened by the departures of world class players like Higuain, Ozil and Kaka this season alone.

At least they will be able to work their magic somewhere else if not at Real Madrid. I think same should happen with Di Maria. DI Maria or his agent, should have a talk with Real Madrid about his playing chances in the current Real Madrid setup. Real Madrid should be straight up with Di Maria and should try to facilitate his move out of Real Madrid if Real Madrid cannot provide Di Maria with the amount of first team football that he demands.

I think Real Madrid would do well to keep DI Maria and should try to rotate him with Benzema. Ronaldo or Bale could play as center forwards in that scenario.

Lastly, I think I would take Di Maria over Benzema solely because of the fact that Benzema can produce magic performances like once every 10 or 20 matches while Di Maria can play at a sustained world class level for 6 to 7 matches out of 10. Other thing to keep in mind is that Benzema has not produced a match winning performance for Real Madrid for a very long time while Di Maria can produce those type of performances, perhaps, every 12 or 15 games.