Ronaldo returned with another goal in the Champions League. He also broke the record for most goals scored in the group stages of the Champions League. Ronaldo scored 9 goals in 5 games.

To be honest, Ronaldo could have scored a hat trick if luck had been on his side as he hit the woodwork once and missed a penalty late into the game.

Real Madrid won 0-2 against Kobenhavn but on any other day (any other day where all Real Madrid players gave an average performance. By average I do mean average, not poor) Real Madrid could have won 5-0.

It was hard to understand what Kobenhavn wanted from this game. They were out of the Champions League no matter which way the match went. Real Madrid, on the other hand, were guaranteed safe passage to the knockout stages of the Champions league. Being the group leaders came as an added bonus I guess.

Kobenhavn were weak throughout the 90 minutes. Not weaker than Real Madrid, but weak. They did come close to scoring on a couple of occasions but those efforts were also, largely, speculative. The closest they came to scoring was when one of their players used a hand, yes a hand, to change the ball’s direction as it was about to be gobbled up by Casillas’s hands. Obviously, the goal was disallowed but at first sight it looked like Casillas’s Real Madrid career was over.

The back four of Real Madrid looked solid. Arbeloa and Marcelo combined attack and defense effectively and the new centre back pair, Pepe and Nacho,looked collected in pressure situations of which there weren’t many.

Ronaldo did not look as sharp as he was before the two week rest but still had enough in his game to score a goal, hit a post and miss a penalty which he had won himself.

Biggest disappointment of the game was Bale. After the performances he gave in the last two matches in the absence of Ronaldo, I would have thought he would have learned how to share goal scoring chances amongst Benzema, Ronaldo and himself. He did miss a sitter of a header in the later stages of the game.

I don’t think I was disappointed to see how Benzema played. Not because he played a solid attacking game or something but because it has become some sort of a norm to see Benzema struggling to keep up with the tempo of the game. He is a striker so naturally he is supposed to score some goals. In Fact, since he had a big price tag on him when he came to Real Madrid so he should be scoring a lot more goals. Instead, he tries to make himself content with his positional play and linking moves from midfield to attack. That’s great but, sadly, that’s not his job.

Alonso and Modric looked assured and comfortable on the ball as always. They protected the back line pretty well and Modric managed to score a wonder goal. A beautifully struck curling shot from outside the box from his right foot towards the near post saw the keeper beaten all ends up.

Isco started the match in fine fashion and looked determined to have a impact on the game. This is his first season at such a big club and he is probably not used to winning so many games. He is definitely not used to taking chances on the first try and that lets him down on more occasions than one.

Isco was replaced with Angel Di Maria around 60 minute mark and he made his presence felt from the first second he came on the pitch. Ancelotti continues to use him in the midfield and I think he has settled in that role now as he is able to build play much better from the midfield. Obviously his best position is on the wings but a substitute role in the midfield would suit him well too, especially after his reaction to when he got subbed in the Copa Del Rey game on the weekend.

That sums up the match. Real Madrid go through the knockout stages of the Champions league as group leaders.

Shockingly, it would be Galatasaray who would join Real Madrid in the knockout stages of the Champions League with a second place finish. I would have thought Juventus would take care of the away game against them. Sneijder (former Real Madrid man) scored a fluke goal in the 85th minute of the game.

Can’t believe Galatasaray managed to progress as Real Madrid literally slaughtered them both home and away in the earlier games of the Champions League.