Is he not the best?

He, like all, needs some break from the game

Ronaldo is injured at the moment (or lets just say he needs some rest) but Real Madrid have been able to cope well without him. So far.

The question is when would be the best time to bring him back. Should Real Madrid rush Ronaldo back in order to strengthen the team even more or should Ronaldo be allowed to take his time and get back only when he is fully fit. Fully fit in the sense that he is actually playing without any major pain (minor pains would be a part of him now as he is a professoinal athelete and a damn good one).

I think Ancelotti should allow as much time as he needs. My premise of Ronaldo trying to break Messi’s 91 goal hall was always going to be super difficult but now, all chances of that are quashed since Ronaldo has missed two games and he could have scored 5 more goals in those two matches given his strike rate this season. So, there is no need for Ancelotti to push Ronaldo and hurry him back into the team.

Instead, that should act as some form of motivation for Ancelotti to experiment a bit more and give the young players more time to play for the first team. Real Madid have played two matches without Ronaldo and have been in devastating form in both of them. So, it’s not like Real Madrid is another version of Barcelona where without Messi, Barcelona play as if they are ranked 5fth in the league.

What do you guys think? Does Real Madrid need Ronaldo at the moment or should he be allowed as much rest as his body ideally needs i.e the rest which would heal him and not take away is sharpness infront of the goal.