El fotbal De Gabriel


Fifteen games have gone this season. Real Madrid sit on 37 points. Barcelona and Atletico Madrid (of all teams) are on 40 points each.

3 points is all Real Madrid need to get hold of that top spot. Maintain that spot till the end of the season and Real Madrid can celebrate, safely, their 33rd La Liga title.

But you probably knew that. The real trouble is that Real Madrid needs to be ahead of Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in order to claim the top spot. Level on points with them is not going to help as Real Madrid has a losing head to head against both the teams this season.

La Liga is different from BPL in the sense that the teams on equal points are separated not by their goal difference but by their head to head record. If that’s equal too then they look at the goal difference. And that makes more sense as well.

Anyway, that means Real Madrid needs to close that gap till the end of the season and here is how I think Real Madrid should plan to go about it.

  • Beat Barcelona at Home. If Real Madrid cannot accomplish this, forget La Liga title this season. Even if we do end up winning the La Liga through a miracle or something, the fans would be disappointed to not see their team defeat their arch nemesis Barcelona.

  • Beat Atletico Madrid away from home. Inexplicably, Real Madrid lost against Atletico Madrid at home 0-1. That puts Real Madrid in a tight spot come to the end of the season. Atletico Madrid are not a tier 2 team anymore. They are gunning for the top prizes this season. If Real Madrid can’t beat Atletico Madrid away from home then the title is lost.

  • Start playing with a regular back line. Ancelotti has been far too flexible or varying in that department. It has cost Real Madrid as the defenders are not really in sync with each other and that doesn’t help assuage their insecurities of being out of position when on the field.

Real Madrid have been scoring goals at will for most of the season. It is the back line that has let Real Madrid down. We have conceded far too many goals.  Ancelotti has to make up his mind with respect to the back four. Regularize these four players and give them the confidence by playing them through an extended run.

Obviously playing Di Maria as a winger would not harm Real Madrid chances of scoring goals either.

(Photo By El fotbal De Gabriel )