Seems like there are two world class players for every position at Real Madrid. Mourinho was the man who put together such a squad. Obviously he did not give much consideration to the costs involved.

Carvajal and Arbeloa also, regularly, compete for the same position and that is of a right back. Both are world class players and have given solid performances this season. Carvajal is young and has got a lot of ambition. His experience in the Bundesliga has helped him develop mentally and physically as a right back.

Arbeloa has been to Liverpool. He has played important matches in Champions League and has scored in a few as well. Arbeloa has got the experience and the calmness about his game that is generally much sought after in today’s game of high action and impact.

Ninenty percent of the time only one of Arbeloa and Carvajal is going to get a starting spot in the current Real Madrid squad. So who is the better player overall?

Carvajal :

  • Faster
  • Stronger
  • Better tackler
  • Better at going forward
  • Better Header of the ball
  • Young with lots of potential
  • aggressive

On the other hand, Arbeloa :

  • More comfortable on the ball
  • more composed
  • better at reading different plays
  • versatile in the sense that he can play as a left back and as a right back.
  • better at resetting play from the back.
  • positioning wise more precise.
  • has got better balance on and off the ball.

I have always liked Carvajal more than Arbeloa. Arbeloa is just not ambitious enough, in my opinion, when he is attacking with the ball. He did show to us and to himself as well that he can be 2 times the player he currently is if he starts to take a little bit more risks while going forward.

Carvajal is young and has got so much potential. Already he plays with certainty that are well beyond his year. I think he can partner Varane for a long time at Real Madrid.

What do you guys think? Who is better for Real Madrid?