Pick him Ancelotti

Pick him Ancelotti

Ancelotti is without his talisman C.Ronaldo. He had a thigh injury last week and is out of this mid week clash against Galatasary.

Real Madrid need 1 point to top the group and get a relatively easy team in the round of 16 of Champions League (hopefully). There is no need to risk Ronaldo and that’s a decision I am glad Ancelotti has made.

Who should he play instead of Ronaldo?

Well obviously in Ronaldo’s absence, Bale is going to have to take the responsibility of scoring goals or at least making goals for his teammate.

What I wish  for Ancelotti is to play Isco. He has been a great buy for Real Madrid since the start of the season. He did not get his fair share of play time but he came back against Almeria and was man of the match in that game for me.

People are betting on Di Maria or Jesse to replace Ronaldo for tonight’s match but I think the best option would be to play Isco. Bale and Benzema upfront with Isco,Modric,Alonso,Illara in the middle.

There is a reason why I like Jesse. He likes to take risks. He is not afraid of doing a couple of step overs to make space for himself and that trait is priceless on the wings. He likes to dribble and is basically a downgraded version of Ronaldo. Though, I do think he is a bit too inexperienced for Champions League games.

Galatasary got hammered at home by Real Madrid this season in the Champions League by 1-6 so I would not worry about Galatasary scoring too many goals at Real Madrid’s home ground.