Not talking about the video game FIFA 14 here. Apparently FIFA does keep a database of some sorts which collects player’s data such as the amount of running they did in a given season or the pace with which they ran WITH the ball.


Recently, they put out the list for the season 2013/2014 and the results are shocking:

Two thing you should keep in mind when interpreting this list. First, the fastest player in the world is not necessarily the best player in the world or the most efficient player in the world or the most effective player in the world or nothing. It is just a stat for fun. Nothing else.

Second, more importantly, this stat does not show how a player uses his speed. Who looks the fastest on the pitch and beats most players in a blink of an eye?

No, don’t put Messi’s name away when it came to your mind the first time you read the previous sentence. Ronaldo might be the close second. The way you move on the pitch is more important than just raw speed. Walcott and Valencia are fast when running on the wings with miles of space ahead of them. That is why even though they have the speed stat, they cannot really beat players or run past them the way Ronaldo or Messi do.

The surprise if of Bale as well. How could he compete with such short and small people is nothing short of amazing. Ronaldo and Bale are really tall guys. In case of Ronaldo, he is rather big as well. So in that respect, I think they both have done well to even be on the list.

I actually chuckled when I saw Messi’s position in the list but here goes nothing.

P.S if you can’t view the list the first time the page loads, then try to refresh the page. It worked for me that way.


Fastest Players In The World 2013

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