Ronaldo is going to Brazil

Ronaldo is going to Brazil

Ronaldo scored a hat trick to take Portugal to the World Cup 2014 at the expense of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s (who’s World Cup career is over now) Sweden. Zlatan tried with his two goals but Ronaldo responded duly and in all honesty should have scored 6 goals considering the level of his play throughout the two legs against Sweden.

How did Ronaldo single handedly knock Sweden down and clubbed them to death. Well, it is fairly simple, it goes something like this:

  • What Ronaldo did was that he first scored a goal with his left foot. His blistering pace was just too much for Sweden’s defense.
  • Then he scored another with his left foot just to make sure Sweden wouldn’t get back up.
  • Sweden did get back up so Ronaldo decided to end Sweden life as far as World Cup place is concerned with a sweet right foot finish.

Ronaldo also kept on reminding Sweden not to get up again after he had actually slaughtered them (that should make sense) by taking 3 more thunderous shots at their goal which should have been 3 more goals had it not been written the other way.

In short, Ronaldo displayed how easily one can dismantle any side if you are determined enough. People made comparisons between him and Zlatan but I think the 180 minutes between Portugal and Sweden showed why Ronaldo is way way better than Zlatan.

Ronaldo basically did to Zlatan what Messi has done to Ronaldo quite a few times. Ronaldo was involved in the game. Worked hard and put in the effort required to unlock stubborn sides like Sweden.

On the other hand, Zlatan was a ghost for 178 minutes out of 180 minutes over the course of two legs. His first goal was basically a gift from Portugal when Bruno Alves just decided to let Ibrahimovic to head the ball into the back of the net from six yards out without even jumping for the ball.

Zlatan’s second was just a full blooded drive into the goal from a free kick. There was not much thought into that shot and neither did he put in the tiny amounts of effort required to do something that is great and lasting. Therefore, his goals were of no use.

Though it did occur to me that Ronaldo does not have the most powerful shot in the world. Zlatan has that. His power shots are out of this world as he showcased in the free kick goal against Portugal the other day.

Can’t really tell if the commentator in the video is on drugs or not.