I don’t know what is the problem of the few people who keep on criticizing Benzema no matter what he does. Yes, he has big potential and he has not been the at that level. Yes, he was expected to be close to Brazillian Ronaldo’s level by now but he is nowhere close. In fact I think, he showed more potential to be a legendary player than Ronaldo and Messi when he young (in footballing terms).

But he is still one of the top strikers in the world. Certainly better than Zlatan in terms of his effort and better than Rooney, Persie, Eto’o, Torres or even David Villa.

Most of the articles that I read are somehow obsessed with Messi winning his 5fth World Player Of The Year Award (even though it is slightly biased towards Messi now. I mean, Sneijder got mugged 2 or 3 years ago and Messi certainly doesn’t deserve it this time around, don’t know why he won it last year as well. Okay he scored 91 goals but last time I checked, the award is not awarded for number of goals but number of important trophies.) or Ronaldo being a machine when it comes to scoring goals this year.

Hardly anyone talks about (apart form a few who keep on criticizing Benzema more than his fair share. It is true that he is not a doer like his team mate Ronaldo or Modric even). But compared with other players out there, I think Benzema has been one of the best striker there is.

Neymar might have scored 4 goals and made 7 assists in 17 odd games, but Benzema has scored 8 goals and has made 8 assists so far this season in 16 appearances. How many of us recognize the fact that Benzema scored 20 goals last season and made 20 assists from 40 games last season. I bet had that been Ozil, Fabregas or Xavi it would have been all over the headlines.

Benzema also just happened to score the most crucial goal for France two days ago. France needed that goal in order to stay alive for the World Cup stage and Benzema delivered in one of the more difficult situations that international stage could throw at you.

Point is, there is no need for Real Madrid to sell Benzema. May be Real Madrid could buy Suarez but in any case Benzema should not be sold like that.

Obviously when you want to sell one player from Ozil, Di Maria and Benzema then it should  have been Benzema.

The goal Benzema scored against Ukraine sucked in itself but that, I think, should not change the fact how important it was.