I hate Tattoos (Photo by Calciotraining)

I hate Tattoos (Photo by Calciotraining)

Only one of these two is going to play a World Cup game. One almost feels sorry for Ibrahimovic as this would be his last chance to play in a World Cup. Being on the wrong side of 30, Ibrahimovic would be around 37 years old when the next World Cup comes around. Ronaldo on the other hand has got a lot of time. He is playing at his peak and has made his ambition clear that he wants to win something big with Portugal.

He came close at the Euros where he single handedly carried Portugal to the semi finals and there too Portugal lost only in the penalty shoot out against Spain.

In terms of talent, I don’t think we can separate the two. Ronaldo brings speed, skill and a lot of flair. Unlike Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic is a little bit of a enigma really. He does not really have great speed(not slow by any measure) but he brings with him a plethora of tricks and things no one would dare to do in modern football.

Yes, that is the word. Daring. Ibrahimovic is certainly more daring than Messi or Ronaldo. He does things which no one would think he would do or a man of his size would do.

Both would be great additions to the World Cup. Obviously I am going to go with Ronaldo as he is the bigger name of the two. In terms of entertainment value, I think both can do the same. Perhaps I should add that with Ronaldo, you know that he is going to do something useful in every game. Every game. With Ibrahimovic, he would impact like 6 or 7 games in a total of 10. So in a hypothetical situation, Ibrahimovic could go the whole World Cup without any sort of impact. We know that just cannot happen with Ronaldo.

The difference is obviously the sides for which these guys play. With Sweden out, we would perhaps only lose Ibrahimovic. If Portugal get knocked out then we lose players like Ronaldo, Nani, Quaresma and Pepe.

Both can score some outrageous goals. Just this season they both managed to do this:

Seriously how can one player score 3 AMAZING goals in a single game. I don’t remember Ronaldo or Messi doing that but Ibrahimovic did.


Ronaldo has got tricks too.