Manchester United have been ,reportedly, preparing a bid for Di Maria. Real Madrid people want to sell Di Maria so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out where Angel Di Maria would be plying his trade next season.

My question is why do Real Madrid keep on selling players they should not really sell. Real Madrid have been notorious for selling players they need and buying players they don’t need but for the past 4 or 5 years, Real Madrid has taken this habit to another level.

From Sneijder & Robben to Mesut Ozil and now Di Maria.

What has Di Maria done to deserve this kind of treatment. He decided to stay and fight for his place and has performed really well this season. He has hardly played any 90 minute game but still has managed to get 3 goals along with 6 assists. He is 25 so his best football is about 4 to 5 years away.

Letting him go now would be the dumbest mistake Real Madrid have ever made since they sold….Ozil to Arsenal (assuming Ozil did not want to leave as claimed by the player himself.).

Di Maria is fast, light and a very good dribbler of the ball. On top of that he has a freakish work rate. I don’t know any other winger who works remotely close to Di Maria.

Ancelotti (in his vast amounts of wisdom) is trying his level best to not utilize Di Maria the way he should be utilized and decided to test Di Maria out in the center of midfield. Di Maria failed as he should have.

If anyone has to go from this Real Madrid squad, it should be Benzema (though he is getting his act together as well) or (the difficult option) Ancelotti could try and introduce a rotation policy which keeps all the players satisfied.

Take lessons from Mourinho if he has to but don’t sell Di Maria to Manchester United.

“For those Wondering if DI Maria can shoot. Here you go”

Do keep in mind that he has just scored against the best shot stopper there is in Neuer.