Lionel Messi scored 91 goals from 1-Jan-2012 to 1-Jan-2013. That was an all time record. No one had scored this many goals in a single season ever. Nobody even came close to it if we are talking about elite league European football.

That was last year. This year, Ronaldo has scored 63 goals so far. He need 28 goals to tie the record. 29 goals to break the record. Real Madrid are to play 4 league games, 2 Cop Del Ray Games and 3 Champions League games till 31st December 2013. Ronaldo also has to play for Portugal in this time period.

A total of 10 games and 29 goals to get. Impossible? No way. Improbable? Certainly Yes, but that does not mean he should not try.

With that said, I don’t think it’s ┬áthat important of a record. Who cares if you scored 91 goals from Jan to Jan (For Ballon Dor Committee, this might be the time period they consider for awarding the best player)or Sep to Sep or June to Sep(one single whole football season). You score goals, you win trophies and the main objective of it all is to enjoy the journey. It might be worth something to the people who award the Fifa World Player of the Year award but those are rarely fair.

Ronaldo is,obviously, going to have a tough time breaking the record that’s for sure. Scoring a hat trick every single game for 10 consecutive games is not something that happens every year (or every century?).

(Photo By Jan Solo)