Good news. Neymar scored his 4rth goal of the season (Bale has about the same but, of course, of better quality than Neymar’s) for Barcelona this season in 15 games. If Barcelona paid 50 million for a striker, they sure have been screwed.

You might say that he has 8 assists to show for his name. Well. How would you feel if suddenly Casillas became the free kick specialist for Real Madrid and did not keep his posts to the levels that he currently is able to(I remember one Brazillian goalkeeper who was not so good as a goalkeeper but did manage to score a lot of goals from free kicks)?

Point is, providing assists is not Neymar’s job. At least that is not his primary job. His job is to score goals. He has not looked comfortable in doing that. Has missed sitters throughout the campaign and does not have a natural shooting style. Obviously he can and will improve his shooting technique just as his idols Messi and Ronaldo improved theirs.

Bale has done exactly what he was brought for but obviously not to the levels that was expected of him. He has scored beautiful goals and can run at defenders. That’s what he was bought for( he was also bought for marketing reasons and Bale has got that covered as well with by meticulously taking care of his hairstyle, just in case).

For the first 13 games of the season 2013-2014, I think, Bale has given to Real Madrid more than Neymar has given to Barcelona. Neymar is basically a beneficiary of the brilliance of his teammates just as Messi was when he came onto the stage.