Ozil says he did not feel like he was wanted at Real Madrid. Ancelotti says Ozil did not want to compete with the likes of Kaka (sold to Milan now), Modric, Di Maria, Isco, Illaramendi and add Morata along with Jesse there as well (Ronaldo, picks himself just like Messi at Barcelona).

There has been a lot of talk about how important Ozil was to Real Madrid. It is true that he made somewhere between 70 to 80 assists in his Real Madrid career spanning over a 100 games. But the point is, he sucked at big games.

Like really big games. Champions League games. He did not run those games.

Ozil did manage to break lowly, stubborn, 3rd tier La Liga teams who defended with 10 men behind the ball. But apart from that, he was really ineffective. He flopped against Barcelona almost every time.

Now, that does not mean that Ozil wasn’t any good. If people like Ronaldo, Ramos and Mourinho rate Ozil as the best play maker in the world then that means that you are really really good. Sadly, at Real Madrid that is not enough.

It has to be said, anyone of Benzema, Maria and Ozil could have been sold. Ozil was the most impatient one and thus had to be let go.

I don’t agree with people who say what would have happened had he stayed or had Real Madrid not sold Robben, Sneijder. If’s and but’s only open doorways to more misery and useless thought. What happened, happened. Past is there only to learn lessons, not to dwell on.

Real Madrid are looking good at the moment and that is all that counts. Ronaldo has had the best scoring start to his career (and that actually should have been impossible) without Ozil. Benzema, Morata and Isco are improving without Ozil. With Ozil Real Madrid have nothing to show for 3 seasons except a La Liga title.

To Ozil I say this

“Sorry mate, you missed a sitter against Bayern Munich and that effectively knocked us out of the tournament which we should have won. Lesson learnt. You’re out.”

(Photo by Jan Solo)