How do you get about beating Juventus?.

Mind you, it should not be a tough question to answer in any case. Juventus is not really a Barcelona (or perhaps Real Madrid, may be) who just don’t get beat too often.

Now that ┬áthat’s clear, it should not be too hard to understand that possession play against Juventus is not the most effective strategy. They have got some pretty good players who can defend deep, hard and for quite some time. Passing them to exhaustion (as Barcelona sometimes do with Real Madrid) is not an option really.

Since Juventus never really has been considered as a top club in the past 8 or 9 years, there are some dumb ways to beat them. My top 3 are these:

  1. Use fast wingers and play them with the long balls. Real Madrid has got fast wingers. In fact, Real Madrid has two of the fastest wingers in the world (may be even three)world in the form of Bale, Ronaldo and Di Maria. Real Madrid also has Alonso who can take care of the long balls part. The best part is that Juventus don’t really have pacy defenders like Barcelona have so that leaves them even more vulnerable to fast wingers.
  2. Counter attack Juventus. A bit redundant you would think. Juventus likes to build up play slowly. If Real Madrid allow them to attack a bit they might get drawn away from their defensive duties. That is the time to counter attack and with Ronaldo on the pitch, Real Madrid can really bring the hammer down on Juventus
  3. Obviously try and take as many free kicks as possible. Real Madrid players should go down if Juventus players start hacking at them. No point in trying to stay on your feet and get yourself injured by the constant barrage of bad tackles from Italian players. Get a free kick, give it to one of the 3 from Ronaldo, Bale and Alonso.

What do you think? How should Real Madrid go about beating Juventus (not that it’s particularly a difficult task considering the fact that Real Madrid gave Barcelona a good run for their money in the latest iteration of El Clasico just weeks ago).