One word for the match on the weekend. Stunning.

Rayo were clearly the better team. Had so many chances to finish off the game but just could not (and that is the reason they are not something like a Atletico Madrid or Barcelona). At one point in the game (fairly early) Rayo played with 3 defenders and packed the midfield which robbed Real Madrid of any time and possession on the ball. The match was just outrageous. Rayo was attacking relentlessly but it was Real Madrid getting all the goals till the 57nth minute.

This is exactly the reason why Real Madrid generate the most revenue in the world of club football. They connect so easily with their fans and followers. They are human. Real Madrid has weaknesses , they suffer and that helps their fans to relate to them. Real Madrid concede goals, score goals, make mistakes, screw up. That all makes Real Madrid human (not like most BPL clubs who play a certain way and lose a certain way no matter what) and that is why it is the best club in the world.

Barcelona on the other hand, along with Manchester United, bore some people in the sense that they tend to dominate teams completely or lose completely. Very rarely would these teams give you value for your money in terms of entertainment, drama and tension. Real Madrid gives you all. Big name players, white kits, the atmosphere and a lot of mess ups on the field of play.The entertainment value that Real Madrid matches gives its audience is unmatched, I think, anywhere else in world football. No boring structured football and no dirty tackling (well, may be a little).

The score line would tell you that Real Madrid lead Rayo 3-0 after 49 minutes. Someone playing on the field (the players of course and the coach maybe) on that day would tell you that Real Madrid had about 29 percent possession in the first 11 minutes and had about 30-40 by the end of the 50th minute.

Rayo is the team that had more than 50 percent possession against Barcelona. They lost the match 1-0 at Camp Nou but it was for the first time in 4 or 5 years that Barcelona did not manage to have more possession than their opponents.

Real Madrid (even when leading 3-0) found themselves under constant attack throughout the match. The only difference between the two sides was that Rayo were unable to profit from their choices. Real Madrid had about 4 or 5 chances and scored from 3 of them.

Something strange happened before the 60th minute. 2 minutes, 2 penalties, both against Real Madrid (both deserved as well) and both got scored by the same player. Real Madrid got tight, made silly mistakes and were almost made to pay for that in a way that would not have pleased them.

Ronaldo was man of the match by far. Scored 2 good goals. The first was particularly good. Benzema also continued his good form and perhaps, this would get him in good termsĀ  with the media.

Bale also deserves a mention. I was glad he was able to play well for the whole match. Still short of his electric pace and agility but his base fitness levels alone are enough for most leagues in the world. Obviously if he wants to be the best then he has to get work on his fitness.