Gareth Bale has scored thrice this season in 7 games. He has played a total of 270 minutes so far for Real Madrid out of a possible 990 I think. I don’t know but, I think, a strike rate (amount of minutes used to get a goal) of 90 minutes is pretty good for a winger like Gareth Bale and that too at Real Madrid where he has won a couple of penalties for Ronaldo to score. At any other club, all other things being the same, he could have scored 5 or 6 goals so far.

That is quite astonishing considering the fact that Bale is not a 100 percent fit and at this level of football, being an inch off your optimal physical levels can have dramatic consequences.

I think people who like to criticize Real Madrid for paying too much for Bale should give another thought to the potential of Bale’s impact at Real Madrid. He is going through a tough period in his professional life because of many reason and yet he continues to come out on the field and tries to perform to the levels that the public expects of him.

In any case, here are 2 things which Bale needs to do right now in order to further improve his performances for Real Madrid:

  1. Obviously he needs to be physically fit in order to run fast and get past defenders. But that is not going to make up for the huge expectations that players and fans associate with him. Bale needs to work on his shooting. A lot. Goals are the most difficult part of football and Bale needs to show that he can perform that function well.
  2. Work on his passing. Never known as a Xavi of his generation but if Bale wants to improve his output for his team, he needs to improve his passing game. At Real Madrid, you are expected to play Champions League football every season and to perform well in such a big tournament one must have good control over his passing abilities. Bale needs to develop his short passing (forget putting in Beckham long balls) in order to link up more efficiently with his teammates.

I am positive that Gareth Bale is Real Madrid stuff, but not right now. I think he will struggle with his fitness issues this season but will come back to his brilliant best next season.