Real Madrid annihilated Sevilla by 7-3. Pure entertainment and that is something Barcelona rarely give you. They usually win 5-0 or 4-0 which is effectively the same scoreline but scoring as well as conceding keeps the fans on their feet and interested in the game. Barcelona are sometimes so brilliant that they become boring. I know some Barcelona fans would say that Barcelona too had entertaining games in the past like the one against Real Madrid which they eventually won by 2-6 at Bernabeu (Real Madrid beloved home ground).

First things first.

The gap at the top of La Liga remains unchanged because Barcelona also won their game 0-3 the night before. Ronaldo scored 3 for Real Madrid while Messi had no involvement in the Barcelona scoreline. Ronaldo vs Messi now reads 18-13 for the season. First time after a considerably long time have I seen Ronaldo ahead of Messi in terms of goals scored early in the season.

Benzema Finally Get His Thing

Looked by fat the best player for Real Madrid on the night but it has to be said that Sevilla played poorly throughout the match. The only reason they got 3 goals against Real Madrid is because Real Madrid, somehow, managed to play even worse than them towards the end of the first half. Benzema got two goals of his own and I think got two assists as well for the match.

He celebrated with Zidane after his great performance which obviously meant a lot to him. Still I think ,against sides who play deep or have good defenders, Benzema would struggle.

Bale is Gettting the Hang of Things

Bale has been subject to very harsh criticism since his arrival from Spurs this season but he is starting to get a control over his situation at Real Madrid. He won a penalty for Ronaldo and then got two goals of his own in the 7-3 rout of Sevilla. He scored them fairly quickly, well before the 30 minute mark so that basically shows that he has recognized the fact that he is no longer fit enough to wait for his chances in a full 90 minute game. Better to get them early then never I guess.

Ancelotti must be feeling relaxed now after two horror shows against Juventus and Barcelona. Might I just remind him that at Real Madrid, there is no time to relax even on the night of a Champions League Trophy Ceremony.

(Photo By matlock)