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Benzema came on as a second half substitute for Real Madrid against Barcelona and quickly got into the thick of things. He did not perform ‘good’ lets be clear about that but he did perform better than he has this season.

To me it seems like Benzema needs some pressure put on him to perform well in games. Mourinho got the best out of Benzema by pressurizing him. Mourinho used him as a sub while he preferred Higuain and whenever Benzema put in a good shift, he got to start in the future games. That was the key behind Benzema’s motivation to play well.

Now Higuain is gone and only Morata is there to put any pressure on Benzema to play well. I hate these kind of players who always want to be happy and relaxed. To them I say that you are a professional to play like a professional. Everybody likes to happy all the time but obviously that cannot happen. How many times have you seen Ronaldo or Messi complain about being happy or what not.

They want to play badly enough that they put everything in every minute of their training and time on the pitch and hence pick themselves rather than hope for the coach to decide their future. That is how a player should be.

Morata has improved a lot and Ancelotti should give him some starts just to nudge Benzema off his butt and make him work hard for his place. If he wants to leave as a result of not playing enough then even better as Suarez would be a worthy replacement.

Ancelotti should be crystal clear on this matter. He has to play Benzema as a substitute until he proves himself for at least four games in a  row. Ancelotti should also stop asking Benzema to track back and defend. Let Benzema do what he does best and that is attack. No need to put him under even more pressure by asking him to attack and defend.