Having failed two of his biggest tests this season, the future does not bode well for the Italian. Real Madrid lost to Barcelona 2-1 (though it would have been interesting to read all the media about Neymar’s “brilliance” and Martino’s “masterful tactics” had Ronaldo’s penalty been given and Neymar’s weak shot had not taken a deflection off Carvajal) and even though Real Madrid won against Juventus, it still was a weak performance.

A few (like me) would keep on wondering what Mourinho would have achieved with Real Madrid this season had he stayed. I think, for one, he would have managed Ozil very differently. Ozil is still a jerk to leave Real Madrid for Arsenal but I just think Mourinho would had found a way to keep both Bale and Ozil. Kaka’s transfer was justified. May be a rotation policy would have helped Benzema, Bale, Ozil and Di Maria.

Perhaps we should be content with the fact that Real Madrid has a complete squad. All that is required now is a good coach and a lot of effort on part of the players. Competition is now so fierce that you cannot rely on talent alone. You have to have good manager so to speak. Ancelotti is not a good manager by Real Madrid standards.

He still has not solved the problems that Mourinho had in his tenure. Benzema still looks out of place at Real Madrid and Bale’s Real Madrid career has, so far, not been up to the mark of a 100 million euro player .

Looking through some statistics of El Clasico, it turns out that Real Madrid had 46 percent of the ball. That is just 4 percent short of an even possession with Barcelona at Camp Nou. Cannot remember the last time that happened. It also points out to one thing.

Regardless of the Ronaldo penalty or Neymar’s luck, you cannot beat Barcelona (at least not consistently) by playing them at their own game. I think towards the end of his tenure, Mourinho had figured out Barcelona to perfection. The worst time to let him go was this season.

Ancelotti tried to play Real Madrid through the midfield a ┬ábit too much and did not take advantage of the fact that Real Madrid had more raw power and raw speed than Barcelona. Barcelona has more agility and control. They are also unmatched at short passing. Real Madrid’s gameplan should have been the same as before. Long balls to Ronaldo and Di Maria. Any other way, turns out the same result everytime no matter how unfortunate we think Real Madrid is or how fortunate Barcelona get in these games.

How much longer is Ancelotti going to wait to change his system. The current state of La Liga is despicable to say the least at the moment. That means that the title race is almost over because Barcelona is not going to lose any points. They might have a bad day and may draw but apart from that, 6 point gap in La Liga is like light years. Ancelotti might think he has a lot of time but the fact is that he doesn’t.

Only Champions League can save him now.

(Photo by PSG World)