(Photo by Pablo Morqueco)

(Photo by Pablo Morqueco)

Neymar might have scored a cheeky little goal. Thanks to poor defending from the Real Madrid players and a semi deflection from Carvajal. I don’t know how some people have written about Neymar as being the most dangerous player of the match.

He did not really give Carvajal a torrid time. No, he didn’t. Carvajal is young and it was his first time in a clasico. From that respect, he played at a more than acceptable level. Certainly better than Arbeloa because of his pace and his acceleration.

Neymar’s goal, which was pretty average is being headlined as Barcelona’s triumph and Real Madrid failure in the transfer market. For not even a single moment am I, and neither should any Real Madrid fan, agree with that. Real Madrid may have payed a bit too much for Bale but that is what we do and that’s how we work. Price is irrelevant.

Give Bale a break. He did not have any pre-season. That alone should have knocked him out of the current season. He got injured but got back and played in the biggest match of his life. He did not have the impact of a player who cost 100 million euros but considering his situation physically speaking and the tremendous pressure he is currently under, I think he performed pretty OK. Certainly not bad enough to brand him a failure and label him as someone who Real Madrid should have bought on free transfer.

If Bale can play the way he has so far this season with his current levels of fitness then I think we should all rest assured that he will have a great impact as early as next season (and no it cannot be earlier than that, there is about 10 percent chance that Bale would get to match fitness this season). He did look strong on the ball and made one decent run into the heart of Barcelona. I think if he had been fit enough, he would have caused massive trouble for Barcelona who would have been facing a left footed Ronaldo.

In conclusion, Gareth Bale may not be a world beater right now but he gets everybody excited and given time, he can prove why he cost 100 million euros. I am glad Real Madrid missed out on Neymar. I don’t like his style of play. Tries to dribble where there is no point of dribbling and has a very weak shot on him.

The best way to use Gareth Bale right now is to use him for the last 15 or 20 minutes of the game. Don’t know what the heck was Ancelotti thinking when he played him from the start. This is Barcelona we are talking about, they don’t really get scared, at all, ┬áby all the hype that has surrounded Bale since his arrival in Spain. It would have been more productive if he had started with out of form Benzema or someone else.