There were plenty of highlights for this match. Real Madrid played crap in the first half and did not have any meaningful chances. However the story of the second half is what is interesting. Barcelona did not disappoint in using their magical potion which seems to be a homogeneous mixtures of talent and astronomical ability to cheat, dive and get away with it right in front of the referee’s eyes.

Key points of the match happened in the 2nd half and they were as follows:

  • Every time Real Madrid tried to counter attack Barcelona, one of the Barcelona’s players fouled the Real Madrid player to get a free kick. Once or twice is fine but I think on the fourth try the referee should start handing out cards. Real Madrid just could not get any flow to the game. It took a lot of effort just to get to the Barcelona goal because of the referee’s leniency towards the little fouls that Barcelona players were committing every now and then.
  • Bale was useless. Probably because of his fitness issues.
  • Carvajal played excellent and stopped any threat from the right.
  • Playing Ramos in the middle was dumb
  • Ronaldo should have received a penalty kick for sure when Macherano fouled him inside the penalty area.
  • Benzema’s rocket shot which hit the post was really unlucky for Real Madrid.
  • Barcelona’s second goal was Deigo Lopez’s fault to some extent. Not the build up play but getting chip from so far out in such a big game is ridiculous. I don’t think Sanchez could have done that to Casillas.
  • the referee man. The referee. I don’t know what is with Barcelona. How come the majority of the decisions of all the big matches go in their favor? It’s beyond me.

Win win situation for both teams I think. Barcelona strengthened their position in La Liga which leaves Ancelotti in a tight spot. I want him fired. This result should help indeed. For me, no regrets. Had Real Madrid won the game, it would have been fine by me but this result is not bad either. Ancelotti should get the kick.