Real Madrid won 2-1 thanks to two goals from Ronaldo. Both goals were pretty standard ones considering the talent of Ronaldo but nonetheless he took them well.

First goal was a clever chip into the goal after Ronaldo had faked a shot from Di Maria’s through ball and had beaten buffon. He did well to chip the ball from the tight angle right into the goal. Had the chip shot bounced anywhere else outside the goal, the defender would have had it covered.

Second goal came from a penalty after Chellini brought down Ramos inside the penalty area after a long free kick was taken from the left side of the field. There was really no need for that foul as the long free kick was over hit. There was not any danger but don’t know, sometimes people make stupid decisions and this was one of them.

That was that. Real Madrid did manage to concede a goal after some sloppy defending which allowed Llorente to score an easy goal from a rebound off Casillas. Caceres had put a wonderful ball into the are from the left flank and it was headed into the penalty area by Pogba.

That was all. Nothing much to the game itself. Real Madrid suffered and so did Juventus despite going down to 10 men in the second half after Chelinni fouled Ronaldo as the last man. Got sent off. Juventus fans would argue it was nothing more than a yellow. Real Madrid fans would say it was a slap to the face. I am going to go with Juventus fans on this one to be honest. Ronaldo did make a meal of it.

Next up, Barcelona.


(Photo from flickr)