super brieu


Real Madrid will play Juventus tonight. At home, in the Champions League is always a nice thing to hear when Real Madrid is involved. For some reason, whether Real Madrid is playing good football or bad, opponents just come here and play even worse. Rarely have I seen a team play to their full potential at Bernabeu.

Obviously that has to do with the history of Real Madrid and the atmosphere. The only two teams that I recall who don’t show any fear coming here are Barcelona and Liverpool.

Juventus also beat us 2-0 last time in 2008 but lets not attach too much to that. Real Madrid have progressively got stronger since then and Juventus have gone in the other direction.

If both team play to their full potential then I think it is going to be a blowout with Real Madrid winning by as much as 3-0 or 4-0 (if we are lucky). Having said that, the one downside on having too many young players on the squad is that you don’t have someone to look up to when you are on the field and don’t know what to do with the ball and Real Madrid are a very young team so nervousness can be a factor.

Lets hope we get a good match tonight. Points don’t really matter for Real Madrid as far as this match is concerned but considering our next match is with Barcelona ,then from a psychological point of view, this game is crucial.

Lets also hope Casillas performs well enough. Lets hope Bale plays the 90 minutes and lets hope (last time) Ronaldo scores two goals because Messi did score last night against Milan (Barcelona drew the match 1-1).