The thing about football is that when you win, everything else seems to matter little (more like nothing at all. Bad referees, luck, rain, poor condition of the pitch. Nothing)and concordantly when you lose everything is supposedly ‘lost’. Forever

Ancelotti was basically under the gun (he is still under the gun) when the match against Malaga took place. Real Madrid simply had to win their home game before the big games against Juventus and Barcelona in the League and the Champions League respectively.

Real Madrid won thanks to goals from Di Maria and Cristiano Ronaldo. As I stated earlier, when the team wins everything else is OKAY. Now it seems like Real Madrid have finally gelled together. Apparently Real Madrid produced a lot of chances but Malaga’s goalkeeper saved them from utter humiliation. Bale looked pretty okay (won Ronaldo a penalty), contrary to the reports that came out in Spanish newspapers.

Real Madrid looked sharp defensively and on top of that, Barcelona drew their game 0-0. Messi did play in that match but only in the 2nd half for 20 minutes or so. He was not able to make any impact (as so often happens in away games) and hence Real Madrid have cut down Barcelona’s lead at the top of the La Liga table to mere 3 points.

Against Juventus Real Madrid have to win and that is not really a big ask considering Juventus have only been able to collect 2 points form their 2 games in the Champions League.

As always, a lot will depends on Ronaldo, Maria, Bale (if he plays) and of course Casillas as far as Real Madrid is concerned. Don’t know what is the deal with Benzema at the moment. Reportedly, Perez has said that some clubs (obviously Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool) are interested in Benzema and are prepared to pay in the region of 45 million pounds (or was it euros) to snatch the French striker from Real Madrid.

Benzema’s case is funny really. He has scored about 90 goals from 189 appearances since coming to Real Madrid. Generally links up really well and assists his teammates a lot. Regardless, he is not liked at Real Madrid. I don’t like him. Why?

Simple. He has the potential to be the best striker in the world but all he manages, is to go 14 hours of football on the pitch without scoring a goal for his national team. He did get the memo that he needed to improve and hence has scored consecutively for France.