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Messi is great. In fact he is better than great. If there is one player that I would want on Real Madrid roster, it is Messi without a shadow of a doubt. Although, In the past I wanted Ronaldinho to play for Real Madrid at some point in his career but his sharp decline made him into a pretty average player which is not good enough for Real Madrid.

As good as Messi is, lets not make him something he is not. He did not deserve to win 4 Ballon Dor’s in a row and he is not hands down the greatest player of all time,not even close. Yet. Perhaps no one player will ever be. That is a fact.

When comparing Messi to Ronaldo or to any other great player, a lot of people bring in the trophies he has won with Barcelona. Obviously, facts say that Barcelona won about 12 trophies in a time period in which Real Madrid only won 3 if we are specifically talking about Messi being country miles ahead of Ronaldo.

There is a saying in sports and it goes something like this “There are lies, then there are dirty lies and there are statistics”. That is certainly true for this case. The manner in which Barcelona won those trophies is highly debatable.

And lets not even talk about ‘Barcelona were good enough to win all those trophies anyway so it does not matter if they won it by bad UEFA referees or what not’. Okay, so Barcelona were probably the best club side in that period. Does that mean they HAD to win everything?

Did Real Madrid win everything when, on paper, they were the best side for 5 to 6 years? Did Zidane win 5 to 6 Ballon Dors even though he was by far the best player on the planet during his playing days?

It is simple really. Being good or even great, does not necessarily translate to a trophy laden winner. Certainly in football it does not. Barcelona did not win, some of, those trophies fairly and that has nothing to do with whether they were good enough or not. Same goes for Messi’s individual accolades.

(Photo by RM Carlos)