Carlo Ancelotti wants to stay at Real Madrid for life. Wait. He says he might decide to retire at Real Madrid. Along with that, he says he MIGHT also give up smoking.

Two things. One. At a club like Real Madrid it is not the coach who decides if he wants to stay or not. You would have to do the treble every season for that to happen. Chances are that if Mourinho, Capello, Pelligrini, Schuster and Del Bosque could not do it then neither can Ancelotti. I forgot to mention Heynekes who was my favorite this season for the Real Madrid job after Dortmund’s manager Klopp.

Point number two. Ancelotti simply is not and probably never will be good enough to stay at Real Madrid forever. In fact, I am not willing to give him even five years. For me, three for Mourinho means three for Ancelotti at the most.

Considering Real Madrid’s current position in La Liga and Champions League being in its early stages, I would be immensely surprised if Ancelotti makes it past the next season or even this season if he fails to reach the final of the Champions League.

Ancelotti wants to retire at Real Madrid but keeps on talking about Milan’s title chances. Now he is starting to talk about Roma as well in his interviews. The only answer to these type of questions (concerning other clubs and other club’s players) which Mourinho (or Capello) would give,would have been something negative or preferably no answer at all.

It is a bit confusing to see Ancelotti talking about his long term future at Real Madrid in such a positive way. He has got so much in his plate right now. Bale’s injury, Ozil’s sale and Ancelotti’s poor start to the Real Madrid La Liga campaign are the issues which are probably going to sink him come the end of the season.