(Photo by Pablo Morqueco)

(Photo by Pablo Morqueco)

How many games has Bale played so far this season for Real Madrid? It’s three out of a possible ten  or eleven.

Tottenham fans were thrown into raptures couple of days ago when news came out that Real Madrid had bought a broken player for 100 million euros in the form of Gareth Bale. The reports were quickly denied and quashed by Real Madrid and Bale’s agent.


Bale’s agent was of the opinion that if Bale had any real problems than Real Madrid would have stopped the deal altogether. Why can’t he say Bale has got no problem whatsoever? If Real Madrid did not find any problems with Bale while the transfer was being formalized then does that necessarily mean that Bale did not have any problems.


One of the statement read that Bale does not have any protruding disks in his back (which would be catastrophic according to one doctor in Spain) but he does suffer from ‘CHRONIC’ back pain which is ‘EXTREMELY’ common in football today.


I don’t know when was the last time you heard a player having a chronic back problem? I can’t remember a single player from Real Madrid apart from Higuain perhaps.


So what is going on then? Is Bale injured, broken or is he just waiting to get on the stage and make an impact or may be Real Madrid has bought another Woodgate/Kaka/Gravesen.


One thing is for sure now, Bale’s start to his Real Madrid career cannot be called anything close to being stellar neither has he been able to justify his mammoth of a price tag.


I guess the controversy surrounding Bale is something we all should have been prepared for.