(Photo by Lambagg)

(Photo by Lambagg)

Salgado is of the opinion that the amount of money you pay for a player has got very little relevance to the actual quality of the player on the pitch.

It is now generally understood that Real Madrid payed a massive amount of money for Bale and after the end of the season I think it would be unanimously agreed that Bale was actually worth a bit less. Bale is not a 100 million euro player. Some reports say that Perez had his team of accountants and marketeers to prepare a study about which player is likely to be the biggest star in terms of  marketability of the football world in the next couple of years. They all came up with the name Bale.

That however, does not mean that Bale would become remotely as good as Ronaldo or Messi. I’ve said it before that Real Madrid fans who are expecting Bale to return from injury and propel Real Madrid to La Liga and it’s elusive tenth Champions League crown are in for a massive shock.

Bale is too young, too raw and too unskilled for that kind of impact. He is good. Perhaps among the top 8 players on the planet but that does not change the fact that Real Madrid payed probably 50 million euros more for him than his actual worth.

Salgado is even more strict about his position. He basically says that Bale is a different kind of player and will never be able to score goals with the frequency of Ronaldo. Then he goes on to point out that Bale has got huge potential but the problem is with the people and with the fans who are expecting too much of the lad. He is just not that material.

Nobody said anything about Ronaldo’s price not being deserved but most people are saying exactly that about Bale.

I hope Bale proves us all wrong but with the start he has had to his Real Madrid career, that is highly unlikely.