Benzema's performance has been pretty satisfactory but not something to talk about(Photo by Olmo1981)

Benzema’s performance has been pretty satisfactory but not something to talk about(Photo by Olmo1981)

When was the last time Benzema won a game for Real Madrid by scoring an important goal?. When was the last time you saw Benzema making a hard tackle on a defender who was trying to be too ambitious with the ball and finally, when was the last time you saw Benzema score a hat trick or win a man of the match award. I can’t recall that time whenever it was.

That does not mean that he is playing poorly. He is playing fine but at Real Madrid that is a problem. You cannot just play fine or do what you are told or do what you are supposed to do at Real Madrid and think that you are safe, far from it. You won’t survive.

Benzema has been performing but not to the level that was expected of him when Real Madrid signed him 3-4 years back. He looks distracted during games. Doesn’t look like he wants to die out there on the field. That is the problem that I think people close to Benzema are probably trying to get into his head.

Benzema says there will never come a time when he would not have scored for 10 years. I sure as hell don’t want it to be anywhere near that number of years without a goal from Benzema or from any other player.

Benzema does not like being called lazy or someone not trying hard enough. From his interviews it seems he thinks of himself as something of a Zidane. Play smooth, look cool and in the process destroy the opposition. That is alright. The problem is Benzema is not Zidane. Ronaldo is not Zidane, even Messi is not Zidane. No one has got Zidane’s touch, his vision, his understanding of the game and obviously his pass ability. Long and short.

Benzema needs to work hard in training and in the gym. Get his fitness levels up to the likes of Ronaldo or Messi. The main reason why Ronaldo and Messi have been so dominant is because they work the hardest in training and physically are superior to every other player on the planet. So there is no need for Benzema to think long about his situation. He does not need a magic formula or some wisdom laden advice. He just needs to work hard.

Otherwise, he could stay the way he is and end up being an Inzaghi or a Del Piero who  Sometimes did outshine even the best of players but never were world beaters.