Has he completely lost it?

Has he completely lost it?

“Our first half wasn’t too good but the second half turned out differently,” Ancelotti told reporters after the match. “When Real Madrid play well, we can win a match in five minutes.”

What in the world is wrong with this guy. Every time Real Madrid get lucky and win points, he acts like as if nothing happened. I don’t know if he is faking it or is he really that dull witted. How can a sensible coach take that kind of a message from a match which Real Madrid should have lost.

Real Madrid barely won. Ronaldo’s shot got a 1 in 1000 deflection from a defender if not two defenders. Real Madrid had about 30 seconds left when suddenly freakish things started to happen and Real Madrid ended the match with a win. Ancelotti must have been watching some other match I guess. How in the good world can he take positives from the fact that Real Madrid played crap for the whole of the match and really, started to pick things up in the last 10 or probably 5 minutes.

I think it is just crazy to think and hope that Real Madrid can do it again against any team let alone doing it against teams like Barcelona, Chelsea, Milan or any other slightly better team than Levante.

Ronaldo is a great player. He always performs. Always does what he is supposed to do. That exactly is the problem I think. He did save Real Madrid from a loss but has he dominated games this season? I don’t think so and that might be the reason why Real Madrid find themselves 5 points behind Barcelona.

Messi is magical precisely because of the reason that he can win a game on his own. He does not need anyone else. Anyone else, literally means anyone else. Some of the goals he scores every season makes you wonder if he is human or a more simple but controversial explanation would be that the whole sport is fixed where everyone is paid to basically let Messi score goals. Wonderful, beautiful goals.

Staying on the subject of strikers. One striker who is being pummeled by the media is Karim Benzema. An air of melancholy has surrounded Benzema as far as France’s coach is concerned and Ancelotti ostensibly has given his consent to Real Madrid staff to listen to offers for Benzema from other clubs.

Only at Real Madrid I guess (Photo By jan Solo)

Only at Real Madrid I guess (Photo By jan Solo)


Apparently Real Madrid want to make something in the region of 20 million from Benzema’s sale in the January market. Chelsea and Arsenal are the main pursuers as both have their attacking options fairly limited. Personally, I would not mind a deal consisting of some money and a Torres-Benzema swap. Torres was pretty good when he played in La Liga before his doomed Chelsea days (he played extraordinarily with Liverpool though).

One thing I don’t understand is why is Benzema getting so much stick. He is scoring decent amount of goals every season and that too, when every penalty and free kick is taken by ‘king’ Ronaldo. Compare that to someone like Rooney who has never scored as much as Benzema but still sits in a pretty safe spot at Manchester United. No media is talking about Manchester United or Moyes being fed up with Rooney because of his lack of goal scoring ability.

Not everyone can score goals like Messi or Ronaldo. Some are more human. Benzema is that human striker who gives you a neat 20-30 goals every season.