Savior of Real Madrid as far as game against Levante goes (From Flickr)

Savior of Real Madrid as far as game against Levante goes (From Flickr)

Real Madrid won 2-3 against Levante away from home. That, obviously, is not the whole story. In fact, if sports was not a game of luck, some hard work and a lot of political manipulation then Levante should have probably won the game.

Anyone looking at the scoreline is bound to think that it was a pretty high scoring game with Real Madrid edging Levante. The fact is, Levante were winning the game throughout the 90 minutes. Morata scored in the 90th minute and then Ronaldo’s (weird lucky deflected) shot found the back of the net not after hitting the inside of the post in the last second of the game.

To be honest, I can’t really believe Real Madrid won that game. Maybe it is the absence of Alonso that is costing Real Madrid a lot in terms of ball possession and transfer of play from defense to attack.

Ronaldo for the umpteenth time has saved Ancelotti’s butt. He did it last weekend as well when after losing to Atletico Madrid he took the blame himself (and put more blame on other players of his team) rather than blame the tactics of the coach which he did do when Mourinho was the head at Real Madrid.

Whatever the case, Barcelona remain 5 points ahead of Real Madrid. They do not have Messi but still that is not stopping them from winning every game with easy passing game.