Real Madrid's biggest signing is down. Maybe out too.

Real Madrid’s biggest signing is down. Maybe out too.

100 million euros for a 24 year old who has not won any major trophy so far in his career? Yup. That is Gareth Bale and he now plays for Real Madrid. Born in Cardiff and bit of a mama’s boy, Gareth Bale at the age of 24 has bought his own house (we can call it a mansion I guess) in Spain. His family would be moving there shortly. The house was previously owned by none other than Kaka and Bale could hardly wait for Kaka’s wife to pack up and leave the house before moving in.

Bale did all that in a space of about 2 months. What he has not done is play football. The exact reason why he was brought to Spain from England was to play football, score goals and destroy defenses. He has not done that. Why? Because he is injured. He did not do  much training after the end of last season and did not really have a pre season. That takes a toll on you as a professional football player.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions but I sure as hell hope Gareth Bale does not end up being another Kaka. Or a Robben. He has been injured since the start of the season. I think he has played 2 or 3 games so far. Has scored 1 goal. That simply is not enough for a player who cost Real Madrid 100 million euros.

But let me turn your attention to something else. Even if Bale was fit and running like a well oiled machine. I think we should be clear on the point that Bale would not have been a Ronaldo. Certainly, Bale is not another Messi either. In fact, he is not a Robben nor a Ribery. He is just too young. Too inexperienced. All he has over all of the aforementioned players is his physical strength, pace and a huge price tag.

So for those who are expecting Bale to drop bombs and destroy teams on his own when he gets back to full fitness. Prepare to be disappointed. Bale is not in that league yet. He won’t score goals with the frequency of Ronaldo. He will certainly not score goals all on his own like Messi. He does not have the passing ability of Beckham and his touch is not in Zidane’s league.

You would think that all of that is obviously, obvious. Bale is the most expensive player in the history and perhaps that is the reason why some of the Real Madrid fans have given me the impression that Bale is perhaps equal to Ronaldo and Messi because he is the most expensive player and thus would be able to turn Real Madrid’s season around when he comes back with full fitness.

Point is, Bale would hardly change anything at Real Madrid at the moment and that has nothing to do with his price tag. Markets change. Players cost more now a days and Real Madrid are notorious for always paying  more for players. Give Bale some time. A season or two. May be he will be able to deliver.

He is too raw at the moment. I don’t think he will be able to make any meaningful impact this season. I hope he does not destroy his career because of his injury and the pressure that comes with being a Real Madrid player.