Ronaldo The Master

Ronaldo The Master

Real Madrid won 4-0 agaisnt Copenhagen. Champions League prospects look good so far but I don’t know, with Ancelotti anything can happen. To be honest Copenhagen should have got at least 1 goal. In extra time of the second half, Casillas made some remarkable saves but the problem with Real Madrid is always the same as far as goalkeepers are concerned.

Real Madrid always has 2 world class goalkeepers. Lopez is great and Casillas is perhaps even better especially in one on one situations. I think within the last 30 seconds Copenhagen must have had 4 shots on goal from inside the area against Real Madrid. Casillas saved 3 and one I think came off the bar or something, the action was just too much for me anyway.


Ronaldo got the message I guess. He is now level with Messi (perhaps ahead of him) in 2 respects:

  • Messi has 11 goals this season. Ronaldo now has 11 goals this season.
  • Ronaldo has 5 goals to Messi’s 3 in Champions League this season.

Barcelona still managed to win their game 0-1 against Celtic but not after a controversial red card which basically killed off Celtic for the rest of the game.

Ronaldo truly showed why he is ready to take the mantle at Real Madrid. He scored from two headers and should have had a hat trick if Morata had any quality whatsoever. Di Maria’s first goal was a stunner and has become his trademark shot really. His second was a reward of his tireless work ethic. Di Maria’s unique quality is that he pressurizes the back four of the opposition so well without the ball. I think no other attacker in the world has that quality (may be Eto’o and Tevez come close).

As far as Ancelotti goes, he  is safe. For now. Ultimately, the number of trophies this season is going to decide his future at Real Madrid because I think, he will not be here for a second season if he does not manage to win some serious silverware this season.