Is he ready to take all responsibility? I hope he does.

Is he ready to take all responsibility? I hope he does.

Ancelotti just had dinner with Perez and other Real Madrid hierarchy. The dinner was held basically to show ‘support’ for the new coach.

Ancelotti lost a home game to city rivals Atletico Madrid 0-1. He lost. He not only lost, he lost by conceding a single goal. His side did not score any goal which is always bad at Real Madrid regardless of whether you win or not.

Ancelotti is in a bit of a problem right now. Usually when the president of Real Madrid starts giving you dinners and shows ‘support’ through media interviews, that means ¬†your time is running out. Capello, Ronaldo, Raul, Mourinho and probably a few hundred more people would attest to that.

Ancelotti has to win the ‘all important’ champions league game tonight. No matter what, no matter what. Not only he has to win it but he has to win it big. Real Madrid has to score lots of goals and not just goals but beautiful goals. My advice to Ancelotti would be to stop with the possession play. Start playing the Real Madrid way and that is, you shoot and you score.

Expect booing from the crowd tonight towards Ancelotti if the game starts slow and Real Madrid take more than 25 minutes to score their first goal. God forbid, if Real Madrid concede first tonight. I guess, another dinner would be lined up immediately after the game for Ancelotti.

Ending thoughts……Ancelotti sucks.