Does he have any idea what he is doing?(Photo by PSG World)

Does he have any idea what he is doing?(Photo by PSG World)


May be people (or just me)are being too harsh with Ancelotti. It’s not his fault entirely. I mean, 95 percent of the fault is his own. His fat physique. His laid back style and the dull, tedious, and repetitious way with which all his teams have played ever since he began his coaching career.


The rest 5 percent, which basically get people sacked from football clubs, is Real Madrid’s fault. See, Real Madrid is not just any other club where you have to win.

At Real Madrid, you need to WIN things. If you thought that would be the end of it (as is the case with 99 percent of football clubs on earth) then you would be badly mistaken. Here is what you really need to do to survive at Real Madrid. Survive. Not flourish or feel secure.


  • You need to win

  • You need to win every game

  • You need to score a lot of goals

  • You need to concede the fewest goals

  • You need to win La Liga

  • You need to win Copa Del Rey

  • You need to win Champions League

  • You need to win La Liga, Copa Del Rey and Champions League in the same season.

  • You need to win and score goals in style.

  • You need to be charming when in contact with the media

  • You cannot sign the player you need but the player the president needs.

  • You need to do everything of the above, every season


Apart from that 3 things should be clear.

  • You make one mistake, like play in a boring way, don’t score many goals or God forbid lose a game. You will be warned immediately.

  • You lose again, talks will begin with other managers about your replacement.

  • You lose 3 games and you a fired.

  • You lose 3 important games but end up with Champions League. You get fired.

  • Yesterday’s performance do not count.

  • Live everyday like it is your last at Real Madrid. Oh yes, you better believe it.


Now, with all these expectations on your shoulders, how can a man like Ancelotti perform to his best every day of the week. I think it is tough. But at Real Madrid it is always tough. This is no place for softies. As the saying goes, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. At least that is what Ancelotti will tell you.


In any case, a quick glance at wikipedia will show you 3 interesting facts which are as follows:


  1. Ancelotti’s managerial career wins to games played is 56%.

  2. Alex Ferguson (widely respected as one of the best of all time throughout the wor….UK) has a career wins to games played is 58%.

  3. Jose Mourinho’s record is 67 percent. Way way ahead of the pact.


Point is. When Mourinho goes down, he always finds a way to get back up and win things. Same cannot be said of Carlo (and he will not be helped by the fact that at Real Madrid you need to be fast at finding out solutions. Like ultra fast.)and Alex(he had enough of football and basically gave up by quitting.). They always take longer though always act like kingpins whether they lose or they win (which is not often).