No need to think too hard about this guy. Basically. Fundamentally, this guy sucks (Photo by c1915r1)

No need to think too hard about this guy. Basically. Fundamentally, this guy sucks (Photo by c1915r1)

Real Madrid lost against Atletico Madrid 0-1. At home. Before the match some of the Atletico Madrid fans were taunting Real Madrid fans by calling Real Madrid team a block of rich kids. Well, rich kids got beat, bad, by boys from the back alley.

Horrendous might be the word to describe how Real Madrid played against Atletico Madrid. Why?

I don’t think it was because Real Madrid did not have enough good players or because individual players lacked form. I think it was something more basic and something more integral. The coach. Everybody knows my hatred for Ancelotti. He is old and his methods are probably the ones he learnt from his grandfather.

Secondly, I don’t know how a manager can make players like Ronaldo, Di Maria, Benzema, Isco, Ramos look so ordinary. He did it only ¬†through bad tactics and that is beyond my comprehension.

Real Madrid are built for counter punch style. We do not have the players for Tikki Takka football as Barcelona do. Lack of style, purpose and a proper plan was evident in the match against Atletico Madrid. In all honesty, Real Madrid has been having these kind of problems since the start of the season but Ancelotti just got lucky in a couple of games or two. People did not really notice.

Real Madrid are now 5 points behind Barcelona who do not look like dropping a point for the rest of the season and even beyond. If this trend continues with Real Madrid playing without any identity then I think Ancelotti’s stay in Madrid is going to get short tracked.

The saying goes ‘Old is Gold’ and it sucks. I hope no one (apart from me maybe) is thinking about what Mourinho would have done this season had he been allowed to continue assuming he himself did not want to leave and a conspiracy was not hatched against him by some of the Real Madrid players and few of the Real Madrid staff.