Fastest man on the planet wants a piece of Real Madrid after getting a rejection letter from Manchester United (Photo by Thor_matt83)

How realistic does it sound that Usain Bolt helped Ronaldo to imrpove his speed? Very realistic if Usain Bolt is to be believed. In an interview Bolt said that he helped Ronaldo improve his running technique and can help Bale too, if he wants ofcourse.


You would not see Ronaldo as a player who would be looking for advice on speed from someone else given that he himself has always been the fastest player in the world but apparently he did seek advice from someone who is even fast than him.


In any case, lets say bolt does strike twice and helps Bale improve his speed. I say hire him for a year or two so that he can help all Real Madrid players achieve 97 speed and 97 acceleration if we are talking in terms of FIFA 14 rating system.


Speed never really hurts except when it does through injury or a bad tackle from the back.

What do you think? Can Bolt really help anyone let alone a fast player like Bale to improve his speed? Or is Bolt as stupid and dumb as he looks.