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Casillas needs to get serious about improving his chances for first team football. Less media appearances, more focused training sessions (From Flickr)

Diego Lopez  is the number one supremo (as far as goalkeeping goes) now at Real Madrid. He displaced Casillas from his throne about a year ago. Mourinho signed Lopez as a substitute for Casillas when Casillas broke his wrist. Lopez started to startle people and that got him into the first team permanently. Many thought Mourinho had a feud with Casillas and thus was punishing Casillas for standing up to him.

Coaches changed, player went and came in but Casillas’s situation remained the same. It is the same right now too. If he does not get his head together, I don’t think he will ever play for Real Madrid. Talks have started about Casillas moving to somewhere else in January. Real Madrid president Perez has denied the rumors but, for me, it is pretty clear that the beginning of the end has been initiated for Casillas.

Here are the 3 things which I think Casillas needs to do right now in order to salvage the remnants of his position at Real Madrid:

  • He has to get his humility back. Needs to work hard in training and has to listen to the coaches in order to improve his general fitness levels.
  • He needs to be a better communicator on the pitch. Various instances have shown Casillas to be a bit out of words in certain situations. He needs to develop good understanding with his defenders.
  • He has to cut down on the theatrics with his diving and has to improve his position between the goal posts. I rarely see Cech getting beat by a long shot or ending up in a awkward position conceding awkward goals. With Casillas you get that all the time. Casillas needs to watch Cech in videos and learn from him. Buffon would not be a bad example either. Manuel Neuer would be even better.

Hope he can play for Real Madrid for many years to come.