The new golden boy of Spanish football

The new golden boy of Spanish football


Ronaldo and Bale might have been making all the headlines in the past month or so, for goals and money, but there are two players that are worth keeping an eye out for. Ozil and Isco.


Ozil got screwed and got sent off to Arsenal where it will take another 12 years for him to win a major trophy. Arsenal are leading the BPL at the moment so Ozil might be in some luck.


Iso on the other hand, 21, has played a magical season so far. Ancelotti recently said that there is something peculiar about Isco and that is the maturity and personality that he brings to the field especially in home games where some of the very experienced players tend to feel a bit out of sorts and basically find it hard to assert themselves in game because they cannot really hold their nerves.


Isco plays like hell in every game. He is assertive. Makes his presence felt on the field. He can control the ball as well as Ozil but the strange thing that I have noticed about Isco is that he is currently the 2nd highest air ball winner for Real Madrid after the giant Khedira.


How does that happen? I mean, Isco is like 5 foot 9 inch. That is fundamentally similar to Messi who is 5 foot 7 inch.


Ozil has been playing pretty well for Arsenal as well but he has the same problem there as he had at Real Madrid. He cannot score any goals. He can miss sitters but can never score spectacular goals and that I think, in the end, will make him just another Riquelme rather than someone like Zidane or Figo.


I think Isco has got the edge over Ozil.


Isco is:


  • better at scoring goals

  • better at charging defenders

  • better in the air

  • better in defense

  • better leader on the pitch

  • better team player

  • more fit

  • physically much tougher on the ball than Ozil

  • much younger than Ozil but more mature


Whereas Ozil:

  • is better at reading the opposition

  • has got better vision

  • has got more ball control

  • better passing range

  • way better through ball

  • much more comfortable on the ball under pressure

What do you guys think? Isoco or Ozil?