(Photo by SoyMadridista)

(Photo by SoyMadridista)

Despite Benzema’s best efforts, Real Madrid got the win over Getafe this weekend thanks to Ronaldo and Pepe . There was no escape for Benzema who missed two absolute sitters from 4 yards out with no pressure as he got booed by the whole crowd when he was substituted in the second half.

Angel Di Maria called it ugly but I call it well deserved. Imagine if those two chances were critical for Real Madrid. Imagine if Ronaldo and Isco had not scored those goals. The kind of opportunities Benzema missed this weekend are exactly the reason why Ozil got the kick from Real Madrid.

Benzema should count his lucky stars that Real Madrid did not draw or lose the match because the media headlines would have been very different then.

Ancelotti has come out and supported Benzema for his contribution to the team. Well, at least Ancelotti is someone who can tolerate the kind of performance Benzema gave this weekend. With Mourinho, I think Benzema would have been relegated to the bench indefinitely.

People do miss sitters. That is understandable but not the kind Benzema missed against Getafe. He must improve or obviously Real Madrid will find another player who will deliver. ┬áMorata is ready as ever on the subs bench but I don’t think he has the class of Benzema. That leads to the last point and that is, it is just frustrating to see a guy of Benzmea’s talent to be so wasteful and so lousy about the whole thing. Benzema must improve not only because Real Madrid do not have any other recognized striker but because Benzema has got the talent to be the best striker in the world.

Right now he is nowhere close to that.