Ronaldo two. Messi nil. Hah. (Photo from flickr)

Ronaldo two. Messi nil. Hah. (Photo from flickr)


“As the game went on we adapted better as we figured out what to do…We couldn’t put pressure on them at the beginning because they read the match perfectly” – Lionel Messi


After signing a world record contract with Real Madrid just a few days ago Ronaldo is all set to sign another mega contract with Nike as well. Not only that, his performance on the pitch has been as good if not better than his off pitch successes.


Ronaldo scored twice tonight. Real Madrid won the game 4-1 thanks to goals from Isco and Pepe. Real Madrid still trail Barcelona by 2 points but that should not be a problem given that Real Madrid has to beat Barcelona in any case to win La Liga otherwise what is the point in winning. One of the reasons why Barcelona fans have not been able to celebrate much about their record equalling title victory last year is precisely because they were not able to beat Real Madrid and got a good old spanking in the Champions League semi final from Bayern Munich.


Ronaldo now has got 7 goals for the season so far. Messi has 9. Messi is going to keep on scoring, there should not be a  doubt about that. Ronaldo just has to try and keep up with him. By the way, if anyone’s interested then Neymar has scored only 1 competitive goal so far for Barcelona this season. Come to think of it, so has Bale. So the joke is on both Real Madrid and Barcelona.


There is a reason why Ronaldo and Messi are indispensable and that is because they live up to the hype. They deliver to match what the club delivers to them. Ronaldo put in a great performance tonight. Should have gotten a hat trick were it not for the far post which he hit with a nice curl shot. On that note, Benzema also missed 3 brain dead sitters but who gives a damn about him. Isco and Bale are the players who people are talking about.


Can’t wait for next week. Surely, Messi is going to give a reply come next Saturday.