High time for Ronaldo to shine (Photo from flickr)

High time for Ronaldo to shine (Photo from flickr)


Interesting quotes.

“It’s not important if I am the highest paid player or not: there are more important things in life than money” – Cristiano Ronaldo

The sale of Ozil is bad news for me…He was the player who best knew my moves in front of goal. I’m angry about Ozil leaving” – Cristiano Ronaldo


But anyway.

One look at the scoring charts for last 3 or 4 seasons and you would be able to see clearly that Messi has had a lead of about 5-7 goals per season on Ronaldo and he gets into the lead early. Really really early.


Question: Why is that?


Probably because Ronaldo is a slow starter and Messi is the opposite. Well, Ronaldo is remarkably fast at scoring for the rest of the world but not for Messi. In order to surpass Messi he has to score more often. To beat Messi and hence become the best player in the world, he has to beat Messi’s goal tally. (though UEFA has the final say. Messi getting four Ballon D’ors? Insane or unfair?)


Every year Messi scores tons of goals in the opening games of the season when the rest of the field is slacking and Ronaldo is warming up. This season, I think Ronaldo should be able to recognize this pattern and start to keep up with Messi from the beginning. He cannot always come back from behind and win as he did couple of years ago.


Now. Even though Barcelona won their game 0-4 away from home, Messi did not score. Barcelona have 15 points from 5 games, 5 points ahead of Real Madrid with a game more. This is the ideal time for Ronaldo to step up and get on the scoring sheet. Messi is on 9 goals for the season while Ronaldo is on five. He has to cut that down to maybe 2 or 3 goal difference.


Both players started Champions League games in a grand fashion scoring world class hat tricks. We all are very lucky to be living in this generation where we can regularly see Messi and Ronaldo in action mostly at the same time.


Both are great players but Mesi sometimes outclasses everybody. Even himself. Ronaldo is just plain old hard worker, by the rule and cold soccer player.


Ronaldo is professional enough to know that every moment in an athlete’s life is THE moment. Can’t dwell in the past and can’t become too hopeful for the future. Ronaldo has to stay in the moment and not take tomorrow’s match as just another match. He has to go out there with a clear goal. Get himself on the score sheet and win the game for Real Madrid. It’s not common that Messi does not score in a football match.

The time is now Ronaldo.

Go Ronaldo