(Photo from flickr)

It was important to start with a win, especially playing at home…We know how difficult these Champions League groups always are.” – Lionel Messi

This is not the first time (neither the second) that Messi has responded to Ronaldo by scoring at least the same number of goals as Ronaldo, a day after the portuguese. I wonder if Messi keeps a count. I think we all know Ronaldo does.

This just seems strange though. It’s not only the number of goals but sometimes also the quality of goals are the same. In fact, once or twice I have even seen them score goals in the same order of quality, from poor to medium to high or from medium to high.

Obviously, Messi does not get any response from Ronaldo when he steps up the quality of goals from high to unbelievably outrageous.

This time around, though Ronaldo was playing against a stronger side (Ajax vs Galatasaray?), in a more defensive team and obviously in a completely different system but still managed to score 3 goals. Third one was a thing of beauty, power, speed and a lot of practise hours.

Messi was expected to reply in some similar manner and honestly when I say the 4-0 scoreline of the Barcelona match, I thought Messi scored 4 goals just to give Ronaldo a pat on the back from scoring three. Messi’s third goal (or was it the second) was another goal from heaven. No amount of practise or training with the coach can teach a player what Messi did in that goal.

You have to watch it in order to understand it. Ronaldo’s goal was simple. Mind you, I say simple not easy. He did two stepovers, beat 3 players during the process and struck a thunderous strike with his left foot. Messi’s goal? I don’t know but it was something out of this goal even though defensive capacity and capability of the other team Ajax must be questioned.

Just for the record. From a goal tally point of view, Messi is on 9 and Ronaldo’s on 5 for the season.