Drogba is all pumped up for tonight.

Drogba is all pumped up for tonight. Lets not disappoint him fellas.

Galatasaray play Real Madrid tonight. Ronaldo and Bale are both in the squad though rumours have it that Bale would not start the match because of fitness issues. Well, if that is indeed the case he gave no indications of it in the Villarreal match just 4 days ago.

Drogba has come out and said that he will try his best to destroy Real Madrid along with Bale and Ronaldo. Well, that is not exactly what he said but we can spice it up a bit I think. Infact, you know what, even if he did not say that then I think from behalf of Real Madrid I am telling this to Galatasaray that Real Madrid is going to destroy and demolish them.

It won’t he like the previous time where Galatasaray was allowed to score 5 goals against Real Madrid. Though one huge difference tonight is that there is no Jose Mourinho. This is the game which will test the mettle of Ancelottiancel who I know has got no idea what is happening at Real Madrid.

Can’t really fault him for that, the frantic pace at which Real Madrid’s season usually proceeds is enough to knock off anyone from his comfort zone. Ancelotti, I hope, would be able to come out with a victory in this match. If he doesn’t then of course we’ll all be here to ‘analyze’ the game.

Huge match for Isco and Bale. Lets see if the deadly duo of Ronaldo and Bale can outstrip and outclass the ‘ordinary’ duo of Drogba and Sneijder (former Real Madrid player by the way).

Let us try and hope (pray actually) that Real Madrid can get some sort of result tonight whether through attacking play or some defensive play. A win would be the perfect way to sound Barcelona and Manchester that Real Madrid is in the running for the big prize this season, just like last season (and before that….and before that as well.).